Increased Sales. Decreased Costs. Real-time Analytics.

Ever Present Management™ is the first of its kind technology platform for retailers that will change the way you see your business!

Manage Your StoresProactively.Not Reactively.

With real-time analytics and communication, you can see what’s going on in each of your stores at any given moment!

What is EPM?

The Ever Present Management platform allows you to observe, coach and manage retail employees in real-time. We accomplish this through our state of the art command center. The net result is:

The EPM™ Difference

Want to see what’s going on in your business in real-time? Our proprietary platform provides instant reports and analytics so you can communicate immediately with your employees.

“Ever Present Management™ has literally changed the way we operate our 174 stores. We have witnessed a 20% increase in sales, decreased employee turnover, and are able to deliver a better experience for our customers. Hiring EPM was the single most important, and best decision we have made in the 10+ year history of the company.”

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